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We do have active meetings in both Milwaukee and Madison! In fact we have a decent amount of people at most meetings. However we are always interested in more people to keep ideas flowing and spread knowledge. So we need your help to spread the word:

We are working on an advertising campaign in both Milwaukee and Madison… If you want to help please print the following flyer and distribute it EVERYWHERE.

I suggest scattering these quarter sheets all around college campuses, coffee shops, bookstores, computer stores, and maybe even inserting them into books at Barnes and Noble.

If you have other ideas for advertising please share them on our chat channel or on the mailing list.

Friday, June 4, 2004
This meeting was a bit scaled down from many of the other meetings that have been held as of late. The room that we used in Mayfair was contained within a small basement maze in the depths of the mall. No wi-fi or internet was available. The events were low-key including some minor discussions of the most recent 2600 issue and general mischief. Those that attended included: Rosso, ww, dead_freq, AK_RAGE, alpha_dk, and eobanb. Hopefully there will be more in attendance at future dates or a venue change may occur again.

Meetings Now At Mayfair
Just a reminder; Milwaukee meetings are now at Mayfair Mall. They were previously held at Node Coffee (they were very nice to us). Ultimately we didn’t have enough room, peace and quiet, and the smoke started to get to some of us.

Our room at Mayfair is being provided to us for free–thanks AK! We don’t know if internet will be available, but we’ll try our hand getting 802.11 from the first-floor Apple Store and/or anywhere else that provides it.


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